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LoRa Asset Monitoring Sensor.

Micro Edge

Micro Edge is a LoRa® technology-based IoT sensor. It seamlessly captures data from your equipment and other assets, enabling you to make smart, data-driven decisions.

Micro Edge

Just a few of the benefits

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3 universal inputs

Use it for CT or sensor monitoring

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one pulse input

Monitor the pulse count for a water or electrical meter

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up to 2km transmission

A small device with powerful capabilities

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Lora wireless communication

Built based on LoRa® wireless protocol

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Easy to install

Instal this battery-powered sensor anywhere

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up to 100 devices per gateway

Easily scale up or down

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Suitable for outdoors or hard-to-access meters

More about Micro Edge

Why lora

LoRa® is a low-power, long-range wireless technology designed for the Internet of Things. It is less affected by buildings and other obstructions than regular WiFi, with one gateway generally being able to provide coverage for a 70x70m 3-story building.

LoRa® is expected to hold 75% of the IoT device market share soon. The LoRa® community is expanding rapidly, with many new contributions and developments occurring every day.

  • Significantly longer range than for Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Drastically lower power consumption than for Bluetooth, WiFi, or 4G
  • AES128 encryption
  • Excellent penetration through obstacles
  • Highly versatile application, which translates into easier integration

Micor-Edge® capabilities

  • The Micro-Edge supports 3x UI (universal inputs) and 1x pulse input (normally used for a gas or water meter reading)

Pulse Specifications (1x off)

  • Dry Contact

 UI Specifications (3x off)

  • 10K temp sensors
  • 0-10dc input
  • On/Off input

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